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My Week #4: Sports Finals & Downton Abbey

What. A. Final. Or finals, rather. We human beings crave extreme emotions, whether it be vicariously from the thrill of a horror movie or in the dizzying adrenaline rush of a roller coaster ride. And we got emotions galore in the form of two epic finals; the Cricket World Cup Final between England and New... Continue Reading →

My Week #3: A Jackal and hair dye

Just another week of me trying to settle into the very doable morning and nightly routines I have designed for myself and failing hopelessly. With each day I drift further from the energetic and productive vision I have for myself. Sloth is truly a deadly sin. Guys, I've found it. For the seven years in... Continue Reading →

My Week #2: Guernsey and Potato Peel Pies

The only reason I'm writing this post instead of dropping it altogether is because I could not wait to gush about how amazing this book is. It grips you from the very first letter (see what I did there?) and holds you in its spell long after you've finished reading it. In the aftermath of the Second World War, Juliet Ashton,

My Week: Games & Substitute Teachers

A deep dive into the Internet on the extremely talented and gorgeous-eyed Dan Stevens revealed his columns for the Telegraph which has inspired my own weekly installments. I was introduced to him recently, courtesy of the numerous ‘Graham Norton Show’ clips on my recommends on YT. Excuse me while I convince my mother to let... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things

We climbed into the back of the cab, a family of three, including one very sickly seven year old a.k.a me. My father told him our destination and off we went. Reminded of his daughter by me, he recounted various stories of her. He told us of his family in war-torn Lebanon. It had been... Continue Reading →

To The Good Ones

Every time I reach my destination safe and sound, I’m more relieved than I can express. I often let them keep the change as a small act of gratitude. My brain berates me; they were just doing their job. But they could also have done so much more, I argue. Stepping into a vehicle with... Continue Reading →

Just Write It

For years, I’ve turned to words to describe emotions and experiences that are unique to me. I would scour the Internet, searching for articles, poems, quotes, anything that would describe exactly how I felt. Although a few came close, I was often unable to find one that hit home. Writing down my stories and thoughts... Continue Reading →

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